The Collection

  • Battery Power

    48V Lithium-Ion Battery

  • Brakes

    Front Drum Brake

  • Motor

    250W Rear Hub Motor

  • Speed

    Class 2 ebike with a 20 mph top speed. Includes 3 levels of Pedal Assist and Throttle

  • Special Features

    Anti-Theft Alarm Security System

    Motion Sensor

    Keyless Remote Start

    Rear Wheel Lock

    LED Headlight

    Side Mirrors

    Turning Signal Taillight


  • James Winstar - Customer

    "Go Green!! I love the concept of this company the only reason why i won't give it a 5 star is because i can't seem to invest hahaha. But i seriously am impressed with the design and how it accommodates two passengers. The price is a bit expensive but comparing to the other electric bikes on the market this certainly stands out with the feature. The purpose this company is about i admire and it's as if everyone wins. I consider that a good deal!! If your going to buy an E bike highly recommend it be a LEAFY BIKE"

  • Sissel Vanada - Customer

    "Extremely satisfied! I was bit hesitant about spending that much money for a bike but i was sold with the alarm system. Spending that type of money is an investment and after searching and comparing with other companies i had to get a Leafy Bike especially with having a second seat. Gives me the ability to ride with someone or to even use it to hold groceries. "

  • Alonzo Lane - Customer

    "My kids saw the bike and begged me to buy them the bike and it having two seats saved me money because they can share the bike or ride together. The design is beautiful with great features highly recommend this bike."

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